gRPC First Look

Why gRPC #

The main usage scenarios:
Low latency, highly scalable, distributed systems.
Developing mobile clients which are communicating to a cloud server.
Designing a new protocol that needs to be accurate, efficient and language independent.
Layered design to enable extension eg. authentication, load balancing, logging and monitoring etc.

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in simiple, (g)RPC lets client call functions of server by connection easily and efficiently

Prerequisites #

  1. tool protoc, download from the release page
  2. protoc-gen-go: plugin of protoc, you must have $GOPATH and $GOBIN setting, and install it by command

go get -u

Usage #


  1. edit .proto file
  2. generate language file, e.g. xx.go by tool protoc and plugin protoc-gen-go

go generate
  1. reimplement the proto.go genereated by protoc in server side
  2. update client side
  3. retry server and client, you will see the change